Custom Horse Hair

I would be honored to make a custom horse hair piece from your horse’s hair – contact me if you’re interested and we’ll work out the details, including my address to mail the hair to 🙂

In general, custom horse hair pieces from hair that’s sent to me will cost another $5 on top of the price for a comparable piece available in my shop.

Don’t think you have to be limited by the horse hair designs I currently have available in my shop – I would love to work with your ideas!

Generally, tail hair is thicker and easier to work with, however I have made multiple pieces from mane hair and can work with whatever you have (especially in the case of a memorial piece).


My first and still one of my favorite custom horse hair orders: horse hair as sent to me at the bottom, and the tassels I made from it (one pendant and one clip – I used about 2/3 of the hair pictured here for those tassels). Side note: I LOVE that the hair is grayer towards the end and shows on the one side of the tassels! So cool.

Please don’t think this is a good idea… but I even made a tassel out of a wad of horse hair pulled out of a brush once. If that’s all you have, especially in the case of a memorial piece, I will work with you, but expect an increased price and increased turnaround time.

Several one of a kind horse hair necklaces I made in the past from my supply of horse hair, feel free to use these for ideas!

More Info & FAQ

The longer the hair you send me is, the easier it is for me to work with it. That said, if you want a metal bead cap tassel, the length of tassel you want +2" should be plenty. For tied tassels, the length of tassel you want x2 (since it's folded over) +2" should do. If you want a tassel tied with a braid of hair, the hair used for the braid needs to be pretty long, 12" or more would be great. If it's a memorial piece and you only have the cutting of hair you already have and no more is available, I will do my best to work with whatever you have.

For example:
You want a 3" metal bead cap tassel: 5" of hair would be the minimum needed for me to work with.
You want a 4" thread tied tassel: 10" of hair should be enough.

If there is any hair left over after I make your custom piece, I will absolutely send it back.

Some "shedding" from all styles of tassel is normal and expected, but none of them should ever fall apart entirely.

These tassels are sturdy and should hold up to normal wear, but I would still be a bit gentle with them anyway. Personally, I made myself a looped tassel to use as a zipper pull on my purse, and after a few months of pulling on it daily it started to look a little ragged and the loop got a little uneven. It still held up, it just started looking a little less than great, so I wouldn't really recommend something like that.